Tandem skydiving near Reading makes it easy for almost anyone to experience the thrill of freefall!

Tandem skydiving near Reading, Illinois offers an outstanding first taste to the extreme sport of skydiving. In case you've ever wanted to try skydiving, however weren't sure where to start, tandem skydiving is ideal for you! Plan on arriving at the dropzone at the minimum an hour in advance of your scheduled skydive to permit an ample amount of time for your pre-jump training and pictures.

Reading, Illinois tandem skydiving package deals include a 14,000 foot skydive, 45-60 second freefall, and a 5-8 minute parachute-guided decent. Count on reaching the skydiving center a minimum of an hour ahead of your scheduled appointment to allow plenty of time for your pre-jump coaching and pictures. Following your ground school, you'll suit up in a skydiving suit, board the plane with your coach and a small group of skydivers, then begin your accent to the clouds. Tandem skydiving is a safe, fun introduction to the incredible sport of skydiving!

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